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When you fit.... the world fit's

           Top 12 

Tailors' misfits

Real tailoring or true bespoke is the craft of shaping wool comfortably to the body so there are no wrinkles. Now the body sculpts even further a smart enduring shape, regardless of minor weight change. This is useful only for a wool or a more serious suit.

 (Rumples can be pressed out)

(Casual cottons, are less serious)

A classic styled suit that fits, will lasts. 

#1 MisFit -
The right chest on the right
misFit                                     Fit

On the left the lapels break due to the garments flat chest. Better bespoke have fuller chests, this takes handwork to shape.

Jacket can still be trim at the waist without a wrinkle at the button. 

#2 Mistake - Pre-cut button holes

When sleeve button holes are precut, this makes proper alterations either impossible or very hard. To shorten or length more than 3/4" the garment will look altered. The sleeve has to be taken off and cut from the top, a costly job.

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