Wrinkles on wool suit are from poor tailoring. Rumples can be pressed out. See the top 9 tailor's mistakes. Your suit fit is nobody’s business but yours. Today with inexpensive made to measure good men can "see fit."

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#1 Lapel & Collar Failure

1) The lack of shape in the garment chest creates more buckling of the lapel. 2) Wrinkle at button a by product of lack of shape in garment jacket.

#2 Tailors Mistake Sleeve Balance

For each chest size there can be many skeletel frames. The sleeve wrinkles mean the a mismatch. Min. 2.5 hr retailoring.

#4 Baggy or Untailored Sleeves

As most cheap suits have large armholes, sleeves correspondinly are large in the bicept leaving this annoying wrinkle.

#5 Athletic Shoulders Error

Important are the shoulders for long term shape. Even the slightest wrinkle when new will get worse with wear. Smarter to have it made as this is an eye level sartorial frame for your cautious character. Or else you you better be good looking and modest. ;+)

#7 No Butts about Bad fit

This unsightly bit from an upstart high advertising multimillion dollar chain MTM that calls themselves custom- bespoke tailors needs a 1.5 hr recut. Too many alterations and you may best find an experienced real tailor that stands behind their own garment.

# 8 Weak Waist

Waist distractions are a mistake. A good suit frames a face using a perfect silhouette and a lapel line. Weak sartorial waists are not masculine.

#9 Low shoulder

These wrinkles are not just from low shoulder but as well from the garment being too big in the chest. This happens when a suit is oversized in order to accommodate the back. this is a short cut from properly making a tailors pattern. Often extra work can add hundreds of dollars in alterations. When honestly they should tell you to go to a reputable mtm service with good reviews and a long history.

Perfect Back

The back starts with a snug collar and lends with a pleat at the armholes for reach.

Perfection Lasts

The collar is the most important part of tailoring. It needs to be snug so the shape of the person actually helps shape the front and back. The collar keeps the garment in place while shaping.

Perfect "Smart" Shape that will last.

The first thing about Tailoring is the “x” Factor.

This means the lapel line from the shoulder creates an "x" with the lower opening. This is Feng Shui or harmony with shoulder balance. This is important for always looking trim. As many men do not button up, this type of fit will stay closed and look trim even without buttoning. You now know the first thing about tailoring.