The importance of tailored fit is two-fold; Firstly, for your world, for enduring quality. As when the fit is right, a pure wool garment uses your body to maintain its shape. Wrinkles indicate poor tailoring, hast or cheapness that is not serious or smart. (BTW Rumples can be pressed out). Secondly, the web has the power to create a new consciousness simply by review of designers that work for you and not vice versa. Your suit fit is nobody’s business but yours. Planet Tailored is here for your experience of personalization that is often best when buying from a real tailor, not a retailor.

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THE "X" FACTOR is evidence of proper fit.

This means the lapel line from the shoulder creates an "x" with the lower opening. This is Feng Shui or harmony and balance of good design, so the garment always looks best.

Chest is tight, lapel must sit straight. Poor lapels open when a jacket chest is cheaply made.

Button position is too high and pant cut is too low. This is why shirt shows weakening the "core" of the torso.

"Y" Means why?

There should be an opening under the button so the neckline is inline with the below button edge. Why it does not fit is due to poor tailored balance in the jacket at the shoulders.

White Belly Gap is distracting and not neat.

Shirt should not show under button.. This is common as ready mades cannot provide longer lapelled waist buttons and various suit heights..

Neat Fit at Waist

EVen without a tie this button height and pant height are perfectly neat. No silly shirt showing at belly. A Gentleman's Fit.

Haste makes Waste

Completing the chest shape via reworking the right chest is smart. for a masculine look.

Clean sculpted rope shoulder adds shape to drape.

Perfect Back

Smooth comfortable sculpted back.

Back Too Big

Perfect Collar

Note how the rest of the back is shaping up.

ATHLETIC SHOULDERS WILL YOUR JACKET. Don't let a new suit fool you! It takes about 10 hours for your body to ruin a suit's shoulders.

Collar Too Big

Collar needs to hug neck to assure garment shaping through holding the front and back n place.

Perfect Looks that Last

Shoulder shape is very masculine. Without sculpted shape, it can look too tight and uncomfortable. Not smart.